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Sunday, 2 March 2014



Home is where the   Hearth is...

This is one of the most favourite places in our home, it's where we all gather on family occasions before and after dinner or indeed, most evenings at present, whilst the weather is so cold and damp.
 Many Happy Hours have been spent sitting together regaling tales of yester year, recalling funny little anecdotes of the mischief our three girls used to get up to when they were hormonal teenagers, to save further blushes I shall say no more! 
The Hearth is as old as the house, approximately 62 years old, and the brickwork is typical of that era in the fifties, Many people have removed the fireplaces but I just love it. 
We do have a lovely cream coloured French Limestone Fireplace with more a more contemporary finish but it still has a  Hearth .

This my first attempt at ABC Wednesday so I hope you are all happy with my  humble attempt,
Many thanks to the most humerous   Mrs Nesbitt  and the Honourable Roger Green  for making ABC Happen,,,, 




  1. There is nothing quite like a real fire. Your hearth looks very welcoming.

  2. Thank you Cherie, I love an open fire, we've saved a fortune on heating costs by using the open fire an keeping the central heating on low...I really hate giving our well earned dosh to the greedy power companies.
    Even when the little grandchildren come to us sometimes after school they get some big squashy cushions and snuggle up in front of the fire.. (fireguard in place)....
    Happy days xx

  3. I do love an open fire! Unfortunately, ours is in the living room and we spend most of our time in the family room with the television (next to the kitchen). it's snowing today, so maybe I'll ask Lorne to put the fire on this afternoon when I have a student over. Yes, I know it's Sunday, but she was sick on Tuesday - her day - and she's such a nice girl in her last year of school and very motivated.

  4. Well done Trubes , great to see you doing the ABC too , along with Leslie. I have a real fire too , but want to take it out, hubby won't let me,, I have no practice in lightening a fire ,, So I will just have to put up with it , or change it , the design , I cannot stand it, But Hey ho , I am still warm with a roof over my head :-) xoxo

  5. Hello Welshcakes,
    good to hear from you, I'm really enjoying blogging again and particularly being in touch with some old friends!
    Hope you and darling Simi are well,


  6. Hi Anne,
    You must light your fire, it's so therapeutic, although Ian does it nowadays, as I'm not able to get down on my knees, but can give you tips if you're interested.
    We use a mixture of coal and firelighters which light easily, then smokeless fuel, then lots of logs, I just adore smell of them !
    love di..xx

  7. I could used this here in MI we have lots of snow and crackling sound and smell of fire is awesome! Thanks for sharing.


  8. There are very few things as comforting as curled up in front of a cozy hearth fire. it soothes both body and soul! Welcome to ABC Wednesday!

  9. Honourable, eh? Thanks. I could use a warm hearth, because our first fkloor is SO cold, still.

  10. I no longer have a real fireplace, but love my gas substitute that provides a cosy corner and helps tremendously with the electricity bill.

  11. Way hey! and a warm welcome to the ABC Wednesday bash xxxxx

  12. So Happy with your Humble beginnings and Here's a Hearty welcome to our crazy gang.
    Love your comment about your Hormone teenagers.

  13. Kim USA....hello Kim and welcome to my site, it's so good to have visitors from over the US. I do hope your snow melts soon so you may be able to see all the pretty spring flowers popping up their HEADS to say HELLO !


  14. I have never seen a fire-place as I stay in a hot country but can imagine spening the cold evenings by the fire warming up with loved ones.

  15. Roger Owen Green.
    Hello Roger, good to hear from you, I'm honoured to be part of such a highly esteemed group of writers/bloggers. I look forward to many happy hours of meaningful writing!
    Here's to the next challenge !



  16. Hildred,
    hello and welcome to my blog.
    I am very honoured to be able to join such a list of fine writers.
    Just over to your site to say hello,
    best wishes,


  17. Welcome in our ABC circle! I like open fires in a hearth! But at home I have central heating and a radiator is not what you call:"a cosy heart of the house".Still there are other ways to make my house a cosy home!
    Thank you for your lovely post!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  18. Photowannabe.
    Thank you for your comments and visiting my first shot at ABC Wednesdays..
    The funny thing a bout my 'hormonal' teenager daughters, at that time I was very 'hormonal' too...'tis a wonder dear husband didn't leave home !
    All quiet now though!

  19. Hi there reader Wil,
    Thanks for taking the time to welcome me to ABC Wednesday, the comments are flowing in so quickly I barely have time to reply!
    Now over to have a peek at your writings,


  20. I love also an open fire, Have a nice day, from Belgium

  21. Wil, my reply to you came up as anon, my mistake I pressed the wrong button,


  22. Hello Kalpana, thank you for you comments, good to hear from you.
    I'm trying to establish where you are from, is it India by chance?
    I'm so thrilled after having responses from all over,

    Best wishes Di.x

  23. Hello Retriever,
    so glad to learn you have an open fire, I suspect your climate is similar to the UK's!
    Thank you for commenting on my ABC Wednesday, I certainly have been made to feel very welcome.

    Best Wishes Di, xx

  24. A hearth does make a home welcoming and serene. We do not have one but enjoy others' so much. Welcome to ABC Wednesday--love to see what everyone is experiencing in their lives.

  25. Hello Anne, thank you for your comments and your kind welcome to ABC Wednesday, I feel like I'm part of a very special family


  26. Definitely a centre spot at 'Scrobs Turrets', Trubes!

    Luckily, we have a ready supplier of wood here, and our open fire is always lit about this time of year!

  27. Hello Michael, so good to hear from you, As we live opposite the local woods, plenty of tree up root in bad weather so we all used to nip over and collect the woods. Unfortunately the bug....y
    labour council got wise to a 'nice little earner' and started collecting the wood then selling it back to all and sundry!
    We are amongst the highest council tax payers and get the least in return, not even a sodding log...Grrrr
    Sorry about my language but it really gets my goat !

  28. Happy to have you at ABC Wednesday. Have a wonderful weekend!


I usually like to reply to your comments but for some reason when i do post a reply it just diappears, any advice would be most welcome,Thanks Di x

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