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Monday, 10 October 2011

Meeting a favourite last

I have been blogging now for about four years, and Oh what joy it has brought to my life. I have made so many on-line friends and really enjoy reading their thoughts and the daily doings, of their every day lives.
Towards the end of this month, DT and I are going up to Northumberland for a mini break to celebrate our twenty fourth wedding anniversary.
Now then, which favourite blogger lives in Northumberland, you may ask?
No one, I shall answer, the person in question, lives approximately ninety miles from our destination....Have you guessed yet?
More clues...
She lives in a pretty little village, keeps hens and walks her dogs down country lanes and is friends with several horses in nearby fields.
Got it yet?
Final clues...
There's nothing she likes better than donning her biker gear, jumping on the back of her husband's motor bike and taking a glorious drive over the North Yorkshire Moors to Whitby to get Fish and Chips for tea....
Ok...I'll tell you....
It's good old Denise from Mrs Nesbitt's blog....'Not so much of the old' Denise may, quite rightly say, which was endorsed by my Grandaughter Olivia last week.
I digress...back to the plot line...
Last week, I was chatting to Denise on the 'chat corner' on Facebook, about our forthcoming meeting, when up popped a little motif instructing me look at a video that Denise had made for me, or so I thought!
I pressed the video motif, and lo and behold!....
There was Denise sitting in her kitchen, (live), talking away to me. I don't know how she did it, nor does she, I suspect, but we were talking via Facebook on the Web Cam. Unfortunately I couldn't hear her, as Web Cam stuff is all new to my simple mind.
As we were both scrabbling around to find a note book to display messages to each other, Olivia came to look at the goings on, on screen, observe the two zany ladies, and piped up with....
'Grandma, Is that lady as old as you'? 'Errm, no, I said, not at all, I think she's a bit younger than me, (Knowing full well that Denise took early retirement, from her teaching job,earlier this year).
Olivia, then retorted, 'Well, you both look the same age, she looks just like you, you've got the same coloured hair but without the walking stick'! I do hope Denise is not offended at being deemed to look like an 'oldie with a walking stick', who, is actually, a good few years older than her. Of course, I was highly flattered....
Sorry, know the old adage...'From the mouths of babes, come words of wisdom'.
Anyway, I'm really excited about meetin one of my favourite bloggers, at last!
Hopefully, I shall meet Lelie from Vancouver, Canada, next year, when she visits the UK. Leslie's blog site is called 'The Pedalogue', you can access it via the sidebar on the right side of my blog. Her blog is full of lots of interesting things, including some wonderful photography.
Incidentally, Denise has made me the honourary Godmother of her hen called Mabel, (don't ask), but there lies another yarn or two! We have also been invited for lunch at Denise's, so I am so 'eggsited'...(get it?..eggsited?)...hen...eggs...Sorry, I just can't help, blame the weather..I just can't get out at present due to the vile weather!
Another coincidence...

We are going to stay at the Coach House in Crookam, Cornhill on Tweed, Northumberland.

After reading Cherie's (of Cherrypie blog), account of the Coach House and the area surrounding, I have felt compelled to visit...So there again, another friend made, via blogging, giving good advice of places to visit etc.
Cherie's site is most interesting, she must have visited the length and breadth of the UK. She writes most eloquently and interestingly,She is also brilliant photographer. Again, you can access her site, from mine on the right hand side toolbar.

Sorry I can't mention all of my favourite bloggers, but you all bring so much interest and fun to my somewhat, at times, sedentary life...
I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart...

Your friend in blogging,


  1. Oooooooooooooooh we are egsited too! lol! Have never used a web camera before - my goodness what a state I looked!!!! One minute sitting in the comfort of our home - the next being broadcast into your home! lol! Hilarious! Will be baking a cake for your visit - any favourites? Dxx

  2. I'm a good all rounder with regard to home made cakes Denise, I love Lemon Drizzle cake and a good Victoria Sandwich ,Ian loves chocolate cake and fruit cake, which I like too, so I hope that helps.
    If you think you looked a sight, i was still in my PJ's, which do actually double up as 'lazy days' track suits!
    I am never seen in public without my 'slap' on, so just think, it can only get better, when we meet...Ha ha!
    Please don't go to too much trouble, it will be just lovely to meet you, and hopefully, Jon, not forgetting dear Mabel and the rest of the brood.

    Speak soon,
    lots of love,

  3. Oh I hope you two have a great time! And I'm "eggcited" too about my next-year's trip over to meet you all. :D

  4. Leslie, isn't it marvellous all this meeting up of the intrepid bloggers, I know how fond you are of Denise too, she is a smashing person and really makes me laugh, I wish you could have seen the two of us trying to communicate on screen without any sound, I forgot to mention that Olivia, (aged five and a half), asked, 'Can't you do sign language Grandma'?....such a resourceful little girl, Leslie, you'd love her.
    I'm really looking forward to meeting you when you visit, it would be good if we could gather a few of we mutual blogging friends together, at a chosen spot....Magnifique!

  5. What a great idea, Di, to have a "gathering!" Carol from the Isle of Man has invited Cathy & I to stay with them as they have lots of room and she'll give us the "tour." Of course, I do not expect people to put us up, but it would be fun to have an all-hen party! I know Cathy & I want to spend a few days in Liverpool to see all the Beatles stuff and would probably go to the Isle of Man after that. Then head straight across to meet up with Denise (staying at her friend Maria's B&B). Denise has promised fish 'n chips at the seaside! I'm so looking forward to it all.

  6. Oooh! Leslie, I shall have to follow you up to Yorkshire with Fish n Chips.
    I have the feeling that 2012 is going to be a wonderful year. Astrid, youngest daughter is getting married in May, in October, Ian and I celebrate our
    25th Wedding Anniversary, then....Da..da...Ian will be 70 at the end of November...Wow.. there's some serious partying to do!


  7. It sounds to me as if you are going to be making up for lost time. Enjoy yourself!

  8. Oooooooooooooh somebody mention fish n chips?????? lol! Oh I am just off to bed but know a great place in Whitby for them! Yes 2012 will be excellent! We will have to have a major get together! Am sure we could sort out something for all of us.....Heysham?Lancaster could be a possibility as this is the ferryport to Douglas IOM hmmmmmm yes mmmmm yes off to think!

  9. Hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to hearing all about it!

  10. It's great to meet bloggers.

    They've all been exactly as I expected them to be.

    Have a good time.

  11. I can just imagine the two of you getting together, I am sure you will have lots of fun :-)

    I do hope you enjoy your stay in the Coach House, I know you will be looked after well :-)

    I am so looking forward to hearing about your weekend away. xx

  12. Mrs Nesbitt:
    A big reunion of as many of us as possible would be wonderful Denise, I'm not so sure about hesham as Leslie is visiting Liverpool she may wish to fly to the IOM via Liverpool JL Airport, of course it's up to her,

    See you soon,


  13. Hi Welshcakes, it would be lovely if you could fly over too, but it is such a long journey,,,Nevermind, one day we all may be able to jet over to Sicily to meet up with you, that would be great too,

    Lots of love,


  14. Kevin.
    I would dearly love to meet you and Pippy, Lilith, darling Scrobs, oh and Flowerpot. There's many more, whose names elude me at present!

    Lots of love,


  15. Hi Cherie, It is so exciting, the thought of meeting Denise, and of course, our trip to the Coach House.
    I look forward to meet you one day too Cherie!
    Lots of love,


  16. Dear Flowerpot, how lovely to hear from you. Yes it's going to be a busy time when we all meet up...Lords knows where it will be! You will probably have read my notes to Kevin about meeting our friends in the South West, so perhaps you may like to join in, I keep threatening to come down for one of our cottage holidays....This blogging stuff is such great fun, don't you think?
    Hope you're keeping well and the the memory of dear Pip still keeps you strong..


  17. Hello Cheshire Wife, lovely to hear from you and thank you for your kind comments. You never mention whereabout in Cheshire wher you live? I lived in Cheshire for 20 years but returned to Liverpool when I remarried.
    Hope you are still enjoying your fruit and vegetable garden, and are more settled in Cheshire, My eldest daughter and her family live in Bramily Surrey, I wonder if that is that near to where you used to live?
    I love going down there, so many gorgeous landscapes.
    Kind regards,

  18. I'm afraid I'm a bit disappointing in real life.

    But ditto. It would be nice to meet you too.

  19. Kevin...You, 'disappointing in real life'...absolutely never...I have it on great authority, that you are anything but!..
    After all you sniff Lillith's garden!


  20. Hello trubes ... Have a wonderful wonderful time :-)and lots of fun , I am sure you will , and lots of laughs too. Anne x

  21. Hello Anne, lovely to hear from you. Just back from our trip to Northumberland and ....Oh boy, what a wonderful time we had. The icing on the cake was meeting Denise (Mrs Nesbitt) on the way home. I will write all about it, when I've gathered 'my wind', after such a long, but enjoyable journey...
    Hope you are well, and the 'blessed' ankle, is mending nicely..

    Speak soon,
    Love Di..xx

  22. Trubes, rather quiet, everything ok?


I usually like to reply to your comments but for some reason when i do post a reply it just diappears, any advice would be most welcome,Thanks Di x

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