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Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year 2010

Well, here we are 2010....

Never, have I been so glad as I am, to see the back end of 2009.
It has been an awful year, with the exceptions, of course, of baby Christian's early arrival in January, the marriage of his parents and the baptism of Christian and Olivia, in July.

2009 is the year I shall remember for 'sacking' my Consultant Rheumatologist, he replaced the previous one who had been forced to retire, by the inept and poorly qualified, so called PCT managers.
In his place was a poor excuse for a Consultant.

I believe, that to cut costs, many other,senior and highly qualified Consultants have been 'retired off' to be replaced by younger and less experienced people.
Many of them foreigners, with a very poor grasp of the English language and culture.
In my case there was a complete breakdown in communication, causing my Rheumatoid Arthritis to deteriorate drastically, which, in turn has caused me a lot of uneccessary pain and anguish.

However, there is an upside in all of this, I managed to get a referal to another Rheumatologist at another hospital.

Totally different scenario!

My new Consultant is brilliant, he was quite appalled to hear of my poor treatment by the previous fellow, and immediately ordered every available test including, MRI and Bone Density scans, also Neuropathy tests etc.

All this should have been arranged 18 months ago!

Ironically, my new chap trained under my retired Consultant and holds him in high esteem. I shall be seeing him again in 9 days time....
'Fingers crossed' for some good results!

So, Here's to 2010....Things can only get better...

Oops! I shouldn't really have used that little expression, as it was used as a slogan by Blair/Brown's NuLab spinmeisters in 1997!

However, being the eternal optimist, I believe the end is in sight for the NuLab machine and we will get a new and honest,(I hope), Government in 2010.

Then, and only then....

Things will get better!

I wish all my friends and fellow bloggers...
A Very Happy Peaceful and Prosperous New Year and thank you all for your kind support, during what can only be described as an 'Annus Horribus



  1. A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours, Trubes.

    I do hope that your treatment works and that you're back to your old self before long.

  2. Happy New Year to you. Hoping 2010 is a much better one.

  3. Have a happy, healthy and fun New Year!

  4. Hello Dear Mr Lakes,
    Thanks for your kind wishes, I must say that, now 2009 is over I feel very optimistic for brighter thing ahead.
    Love to you, your good Lady Dr Lakes and of course darling Rosie dawgie.


  5. Hi Cherie,
    Thanks for your kind wishes and a very Happy New Year to you and yours.


  6. Hi, Vinogirl,
    Happy and prosperous New Year wishes, to you and yours, in Vinoland.
    'Tis very frosty here in your 'ol hometown, with lovely blue skies. Just the weather for a walk around Calderstones Park!


  7. Wishing a wonderful and painfree year to you, trubes. I'm glad you insisted on a change of doctor who sounds a much better fellow.

  8. Happy New Year to you too.

    I hope your back gets better.

    As for the NuLab machine ? It runs a lot deeper that it appears.

    Anyway - enough of that.



  9. Hi Liz, good to hear from you.
    Yes the new Consultant is quite young but, what one would regard as 'one of the old school'....
    Well spoken, courteous, good listener and man of action, I don't expect a cure for the RA just support to keep me mobile and safe pain relief.
    So...fingers crossed....
    Thats if I could cross them!

    I do enjoy reading your blog particularly about George and the Gower, we've had a few lovely hols there and Pembrokeshire.


  10. Hello Kevin Good to hear from you, I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.
    Thanks for you kind words, it's blogging friends like you that have kept me going during 2009.


  11. Hi Blue Eyes,
    Good to hear from you, I don't know how many times I've wished you HNY but Happy New Year again.


  12. I hope 2010 proves much more positive for you.

  13. All the best to you, Trubes, and hping that 2010 is a healthy and happy year.

  14. Hello Mr Villager, Thanks for you good wishes.
    I hope you are not still snowed in!
    Bitterly cold here with a hard frost, although the sky is blue and the sun shines.


  15. Hi Flowerpot,
    Thanks for your kind wishes, I'm pretty sure 2010 will be better for us all, at present I am counting my blessings, this holds the RA at bay!

  16. Hi Trubes, thanks for visiting. Here's whishing you and yours a happy New Year. I hope you get better service from teh NHS this year.

    btw I snapped my quadriceps tendon which put paid to mobility for months!

  17. Ouch Jams that sounds really painful,hope you are fitter now...hopefully, I shall be too, with my new Consultant looking after me.

    Happy New Year,


    P.S. I've just put you on my fav list..i don't know how I've missed you, you blog site is teally very good.xD

  18. I hope you have a much better year, Trubes, Love from Simi and me xx

  19. Happy New Year to you Trubes!

    That RA is a bugger isn't it, I sincerely hope you'll feel better very soon.

    It is after all election year...!

  20. Hello Welshcakes;
    Thanks for your kind wishes and of course Simi's too.
    I'm entering this New year in fighting form...that is armchair fighting form!
    Today, I am sparking of an e-mail to my local councillor to ask her why local roads and pavements have not been gritted, it is a nightmare trying to negotiate one's way around without either, skidding in the car or falling on the pavement, because of the ice.
    Watch this space!


  21. Hi Scrobs,
    Yes the RA is a bugger,I've had good treatment over the years but since I came out of BUPA, due to the extortionate fees and then refusing to pay for certain treatments, I have wearily observed the declining standard in the NHS....
    Too many managers and not enough medics!
    Nevermind, we have an election looming and I, like yourself, look forward to significant changes, for the better, ahead!
    Bring em on !

    Hope you and Family are keeping warm in these Artic conditions,
    Happy New year again,


  22. Trubes...onwards and upwards!

  23. Yes Trubes! Things CAN only get better. 2009 sucked ass - although I think 2010 is not shaping up too well for me either. this week, I have had a legal surgery, had to train up a new boy who is taking over for me, I am having an appeal against my work for taking me off my magazine (because 'someone of my beliefs should not be editing a financial publication) and on friday I am having two impacted wisdom teeth clawed out of my gums. There's a good start to 2010. But I believe that the end of a thing will be better than the beginning - so here is to a wonderful 2010!!

    Enjoy the snow up north trubes xxx

  24. Thud..Exactly...Onwards and upwards!
    CPA is looking very lovely with all this white stuff, although side roads are very icy. Fortunately I have a 4x4, so can get around.

    Can't wait for the Election stuff to start... I think It's going to be dirty fight...I do hope Dave goes for the jugular.
    Happy New Year.


  25. Oh Dear Mermies, How awful for you, I don't undestand how your devout religious beliefs can impact on your job as a Financial journalist.
    I suppose, if you were of another religious persuasion, ie Islamic,
    you could get Cherie Blair to represent you!

    'Hooman' rights, and all that!

    Anyway, I wish you luck in your battle.

    Here, we have a Government that lectures us about the perils of drinking alcohol, using tobacco, eating junk food et al, yet
    makes billions in taxation from the purveyors of such.

    Every good wish for 2010 Mermies, please let me know how you get on and ,my thoughts are with you, at this difficult time.

    Your friend in blogging,


  26. Happy New |Year Trubes..sorry I have been absent from you blog :-(...well lets hope that all goes well with you new consultant, seems to be on the ball, so far.

    I haven't got jamie olivers book, but will look for the recipe :-) I make a Moroccan Lentil soup ..very delicious.

    Take care Anne xx

  27. Hello Anne,
    Lovely to hear from you, yes my new Consultant is really very good, so we're hoping for some positive results.
    It's so frustrating not to be able to get around, I used to lead such an active life.
    Nevermind, I have many blessings in my life and am surrounded by a lovng husband and family.
    Hope you are managing to keep warm, as I know, Oxfordshire has been badly hit by the Artic conditions.
    Take care,

  28. Sorry you had a painful year, Trubes. I agree the standards in medicine are very unreliable. I've experienced that myself. Wishing you all good things in 2010.

  29. Hi Pippy, Thanks for your kind wishes.
    At present, I'm housebound because of the weather but, I'm not complaining as I have all I need in my home to keep me occupied.
    I do my food shopping on-line and DT is always at hand for any other goods required.
    Olivia, our darling little grandaughter, has been with us for two days as her nursery was closed.
    So, lots of drawing, reading and playing silly games with Grandpa have been on the agenda.
    Without sounding smug, I really do count my blessings.

    I sincerely hope 2010 is a better year for you.


  30. A belated Happy New Year to you.

    I hope that the RA can be improved on but I expect that this weather isn't doing it any favours. Hopefully things will get better.

  31. Hello CW,
    Good to hear from you and thank you for your kind wishes.
    The snow and ice is keeping me indoors, although it's very pretty to look at from my comfy armchair.

    All good wishes for 2010.


  32. Dear Trubes, I do hope you have a good year. I am really pleased you have got a consultant who is competent and takes a genuine interest. It is such a lottery.

  33. Hi Lils:
    Good to hear from you and thanks for your kind wishes.
    Yes, my new Consultant is brilliant, he's really, 'on top of his game'.
    I am just about to write a follow-on from my last blog, re the RA because it may be helpful to those in similar circumstances.

    Lots of love to you and Elby,


  34. Happy New Year. Hope your treatments work well.

  35. A belated Happy New Year, Di! Are you on gold shots? My mother was for a while, but it "can" play havoc with the kidneys I think.

  36. Hello Tarfers:
    Good to hear from you, thanks for your kind wishes.
    It's early days in the new treatment but the new Consultant is certainly getting things moving.

    hope you and Ginny are well and getting over the loss of your dear Cat, Patches.


  37. Hi Leslie,
    Good to hear from you again.
    I had Gold injections 18 years ago, they were very effective but unfortunately, afer a while, I had a bad skin reaction to them.
    Hope your Daughter is ok,
    Just going over to your site for more news.


  38. Happy New Year, better late then never!

  39. Lucia:
    The same good wishes to you and yours for 2010.
    Lovely to hear from you again,


  40. Hi Trubes,Hope all is well.I too had a miserable 2009.Turfed out of my job and life in Belgium by the credit crunch,Mum getting diagnosed with lung cancer and a car crash at Chrimbo!!But I'll get another job day.Mum got the all clear last week.Top Chemo! and me and the wife are due a nice 'whiplash' cheque shortly.So 2010 is looking a lot better already.'When your smiling'.. and all that.

  41. Hey Trubes! Miss you! I hope all is well oop north? xxxx

  42. I'm an eternal optimist too Trubes.

  43. Hello Lord Roby,
    Sorry I'm late in replying to you and so sorry you had such a bad 2009.
    I hope your dear Mum is still doing well and you get back to working in your particular field.
    Good luck and kind wishes,


  44. Hi Mermies,
    I'm so pleased to hear from you.
    Yes all is well, 'oop North', the sun shines and the crocus have popped their pretty little heads up to say hello.
    Spring is here,....Hurrah!

    I will post some more drivel soon,
    so watch this space,


  45. Ellie:
    Good to hear from you and thanks for your comments.
    I truly believe that, Optimism maintains ones sanity!

    To quote...
    'Hope springs eternal in the human breast'.
    [Alexander Pope].

    I hope you and yours are well and having a good 2010.



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