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Friday, 4 September 2009

A Magical Mystery Tour .

Roll up, Roll up..
I'm Coming To Take you Away, Take You Away.....

There was a music store in Liverpool called Nems, it was owned by the
Epstein Family and managed by.....Yes you've guessed.....
Brian Epstein, later to become The Beatles Manager.
I've also met him, on several occasions.

Talk about 'name droppers' !

Brian was a charming man, although he was the MD, he would often work
in the Record Department, when it was busy.
There used to be booths 'in store' where you could listen to tracks of
selected records.
Needless to say, each time The Beatles released a new single, the store
would be inundated with bright eyed and excited teenage girls, bopping
away to the music.
This was at the time Brian had just signed The Beatles, and several other
Merseyside groups.
Sadly, later, he moved down to London, he was very much missed in the store,
by his Staff and devoted customers.
Although, his success in managing so many artistes, brought him fame and fortune,
I believe, deep down, he was a very lonely man.
Perhaps, had he stayed in his beloved City, with his loving family, he would have
been happier, and maybe, his life may not have ended, so tragically and prematurely.

Forever in our memories Brian. R.I.P.

Nems Music Store closed in the early eighties.

Now Back to The Cavern.

We used to do a funny dance called 'The Cavern Stomp', which involved partners holding opposite hands ie, left hand linked to partners right hand and then launching or swinging ourselves from left to right, in time to the beat.
I think this crazy dance, originated from the times when The Cavern was formerly a jazz club then a skiffle club.
John Lennon and a couple of others formed The Quarrymen, which was the group that was to become The Beatles. I didn't get to see them perform in those days, because I was a bit too young to go to into 'seedy' clubs, as deemed by my parents!
The next crazy dance arrived, and that was called 'The Shake' which was immortalised by The Swinging Blue Jeans song 'The Hippy Hippy Shake'.
We really must have looked manic, twitching and shaking all over the place but we all thought, we were 'dead cool'.
Other clubs we used to frequent were, The Mardi Gras, The Downbeat and The Iron Door.

The Swinging Blue Jeans, Gerry And The Pacemakers, The Searchers, Billy j Krammer, The Four Most, The Big Three, Rory Storm and The Hurricanes, plus many more well known groups performed at these venues.

The Rolling Stones played at The Iron Door Club too.

They were 'Fab' times and it all started with 'The fab Four' !

From Penny Lane to Memory Lane!
Truly the 'Golden decade' of beat music, in The Swinging City....Liverpool.

The annual 'Matthew Street Festival' was held last weekend and on nearly every Street corner, tribute bands were performing all The famous Liverpool bands'songs
We had 300,000 visitors and the atmosphere was just magical!


  1. I've read Branson's autobiog and his first record shop sounds like it had a similar "feel" to Nems. Were they all like that at the time? Most record shops are so rubbish these days. Although admittedly I have not been into a specialist one for a long time.

  2. Such lovely memories again, thanks for sharing them.

    Even I have heard some of those groups live, but not in their heyday :-)

  3. Worked in North John St and used to go down to Nems to buy my records ,remember the wind generator on the roof, long before being green was a tax moneymaker and a fashion statement,seen the Beatles at Gladstone Hall Port Sunlight and the dance hall in Birkenhead in Conway st,can't remember what it was called now,the folk singers I used to go and listen to,remember queueing in Mathew st waiting for the Cavern to open it was busy but when the Beatles got famous the queues were massive,remember the fashions beatle haircut and a jacket with no lapels we felt like the bee's knee's.

  4. Gosh, if we ever get over there again, we'll have to make sure we come during the festival.

  5. Hey Trubes - this is all Fab!!

    They're doing the US tour prog on TV now, which is not that fantastic, hence me checking what you've done - you were there - you Lucky Girl! The last two progs were marvellous!

    Somewhere else on the net is a reference to the first Virgin store in the UK too.

    I was working in an awful job with a dreadful 'boss' in Brighton then, and hating every minute (we'd just got married in 1972), and I remember the Virgin store being a place for mattresses, plywood record stands (unpainted), and huge earphones for hippies posing in the windows!

    Your story needs revisiting several times M'Dear, because you're unique!

    Sorry - they're just doing 'I want to hold your hand...'!

    Back soon?

  6. Seems like you've got your post timing even better than impeccable Trubes! I reckon you knew all this would happen dead on the 40 year date - insider information???

    (It was you around 9.45 pm with the blonde hair and hairband wasn't it...!) ;0)

    It was strange watching each album being unfolded in the programme. Near the end, I even forgot that 'Abbey Road' was yet to come!

    (The US tour bit on TV got slightly better, so I stayed up for just a few more, and more minutes...)

  7. Such an exciting time and place to have been Trubes. I was born too late :-(

    I remember buying my first 45rpm. It was Solid Gold Easy Action. My poor parents. An eight year old bopping around with no idea what the lyrics suggested, playing it over and over again.. (I had already bored them to death with the Slider album that I had begged for my birthday...)

    Word verification = mono(t)

  8. 300 000? Goodness, I should have trained over.

  9. Blue Eyes:
    I must confess that, I have never been into any of Branson's record shops Blue. The record booths in Nems, looked similar to the telephone booths in airports, and railway stations years ago, only that they had earphones so that you could listen to your chosen record.


    Hi Cherry, good to hear from you again and thanks for your comments.
    Glad you got to hear some of my favourite groups 'live'.
    So many acts, nowadays, mime to their hits ,so you dont get to appreciate their raw talent !


  10. Hello Anon, good to hear from you and read your comments. I don't remember the wind generator on the roof of Nems, though.
    Did you ever go to the New World Chinese Restaurant in Whitechapel?
    On 'payday' we all used to go there for a 'business lunch'...Chicken Fried Rice and Curry Sauce, or Chicken and Mushrooms...
    Deliceaux...and all for 3/6d.
    I worked for Lloyds Bank in India Buildings Water Street.


  11. Leslie, I do hope you manage to get over to Liverpool some day.
    It would be grand to meet you and Lorne.


  12. Scrobs; I was glued to The Beatles programmes last night.
    It is ironic, that I should write about such momentous times in my life, regarding, The Beatles, Liverpool,et al, and they were celebrating 40 years or more in Show business.
    DT has always maintained, that I am a 'white witch', spooky, but true! I'm not really a Witch, but do have an uncanny knack of foretelling events!
    I did, indeed, have blonde hair in those days, but I cannot remember wearing a hairband.
    There is so much more to tell but I don't want to bore people!
    Thank you so much for your support and I will write about my days 'treading the boards', soon!


  13. Hi Lils, Thanks for your comments...You were never' born too late', life is always fun for those with a zest for life!
    I loved T Rex and Marc Bolan, he was the first of many 'glam rockers'.
    It's a pity he met such an untimely demise.


  14. Hi James, Thanks for your comments.
    The Matthew St. Festival is staged every year on the August Bank Holiday.
    Every food, pub, and club outlets opens their doors to all. Young and old, mingle happily together, soaking in the atmosphere.


  15. I couldn't wait to get here! So glad the sun has come out and to think that you met Brian Epstein! You know that I absolutely adore the Beatles and have since I first snitched my older sister Holly's first Beatles album...wrote my first book about them at age 15...the cousins talk about it to this day lol...thanks so much for this post!

  16. Hi Sandi, So good to hear from you.
    Now, how did I know you loved The Beatles, call it instinct, but then, most of our American friends adore them too.
    Ther was footage on TV at the weekend showing The Beatles in American including their appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, they were electrifying, I hope you got to see them too...
    Ahh...Golden days.


  17. Hi Trubes ... interesting reading, but I am sorry to say, I have never been into the Beatles ..

    I loved T Rex and Marc Bolan and went to see him at Wembley.. will never forget it, we went with our English Teacher, :-)

  18. Oh what fantastic memories! I remember those booths. Now I'm off on a reminisce (how do you spell that?!) sitting just thinking ...

  19. how incredible - I'm almost there with you!

  20. part two is better than part one and i just love to get up and close to such wonderful people including yurself....i am over from rhymes with bob and thud and grew up with with that magigal group

  21. Marvelous.

    You should get yourself on TV during the forthcoming Beatles' renaissance - reminiscing about such things.

    Truly marvelous ! What a gem you've turned out to be.


  22. Hi Anne, Good to hear from you.
    What a shame that you were not into The Beatles, they brought so much pleasure to millions of fans worldwide.
    Perhaps a generation thing!
    I quite liked Marc Bolan and T Rex, I think they were at the begining of the 'Glam Rock Scene.
    What a 'cool' English teacher you had to take you to Wembley to see them.
    Interestingly, my English teacher was Roger McGough, the Liverpool poet...

    Hmm! You've just given me an idea
    for my next post!

    Hope you are settling in, back at home, after your 'fab' holiday in Paris.
    I have really enjoyed reading of your exploits.


  23. Hi Liz,
    Having happy memories is such a blessing, I thrive on mine, particularly, as I'm not as 'mobile', as I'd like to be, due to a 'flare up' of my Rheumatoid Arthritis.
    Thankgoodness for my PC and being able to 'blog', it really is cheering, to be able to share my 'Memories', with my lovely blogging friends.


  24. Hello Flowerpot,
    Thanks for you comments, I feel quite honoured that, 'you felt almost there with me', as I know what a good Writer you are.
    'The Beatles Years'
    meant so much to so many of us,
    I was so lucky to be in the 'midst of things' at the time!
    What fab years The Sixties were!


  25. Hi Putz, Good to hear from you and so glad you loved those 'Magical Years', they must evoke so many happy memories, in likewise people.
    We sure have a lot to thank The Beatles for.
    Did you really grow up in Liverpool? I'd love to know!


  26. Hi Kevin,
    Thank you so much for your kind comments, 'blush blush'.
    It's ironic that I should write about The Beatles, et al, just now.
    I had no idea about the tributes and celebrations, taking place at present.
    Don't know about, 'going on TV' though, there are so many more fans from Liverpool, who experienced the same as me.
    I was just one in the crowd!


  27. Another great post, Trubes!

    I was driving down Penny Lane just last week.

    It hasn't changed much since I lived in Liverpool and, to be honest, I've never understood why it inspired the song - it's pretty drab!

  28. Hello Mr Lakes,
    Thanks for your kind comments...
    I do agree with you about Penny really is such a drab place.
    It must be a total disappointment, to the many visiting tourist fans, that flock to our City, in search of Beatles memorabilia.
    I drove past Strawberry Fields last week, and that looks very rundowm too.
    The price of 'Tourism' I suppose!

    Some of The Beatles lyrics were questionable, but there is no escaping from their raw talent and harmonious ability, (excluding Ringo), whose voice was as flat as a fluke.


  29. Hi Trubes thanks for you lovely message on my blog, keep reading, a few more post to come yet.. :-)

    You can also see the last trip I did, back in April 2009. There is so much to see in Paris, large and small places, you need a very very good pair of walking shoes.

    Anne x

  30. Hello again Anne.
    I did read your post in April about Paris and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    My French Tutor, Isabelle came from Paris and was such a 'mine of information' about her beloved City.
    She insisted upon us communicating in French, only showing leniency occasionally, if one was totally baffled.


  31. Hi again Trubes...I have made lots of friends in Paris and they are wonderful people and so so helpful and there for you,

    Oh I would love to be able to communicate in French...two of my friends over there are married to french men that can only speak a tiny bit of english, that was good. You learn a lot that way.

    Take care
    anne xo

  32. Trubes, I was just thinking today of how we used to dance. Of course if I did it today, even a little wiggle, my children are horrified. I remembered we used to dance even when we were sitting down, by doing the hand jive, which then was a perfectly acceptable thing to do in public.

    I'm sure you can think of a question for my new post, Trubes.. ?

  33. Catching up on comments I have to say I loved Ringo's voice. He did the voice on a much enjoyed childrens prog. IMHO the talent of the Beatles was... timely.

  34. Hello again Anne.
    I too love the French. They are so eager to help, paticularly, if one is strugggling with their language.
    The myth about them being arrogant couldn't be further from the truth.
    I'm slightly ashamed to say, I feel there is no more an arrogant race than the British.


  35. Wow such cool wonderful memories!

  36. Hi Lucia, Good to hear from you.
    Yes good memories of time gone by are a very comforting thing.
    Hope you are feeling better.


  37. Hi you have an email address....thanks for comment on my blog...let me tell you there is nothing adorable about a 9 month old, who is teething (not her fault I know)..screaming in the night, when you had not much sleep the night I am not maternal...! :-)

  38. Hi Anne, Welshcakes has my e-mail address, if you please ask her, I'm sure she will forward it to you.
    I'm reluctant to publish it on my site because, in the past, I've had a few abusive commenters, re my political persuasion!
    I'll let Pat know.


    P.S. I hope youve recovered from your lack of sleep...zzzzzzn. Dx

  39. Hi there Trubes,
    Thanks so much for your visits to my blog. I appreciated it. I've been so busy these past weeks; I'm only finding time since this week to blog visit.

    I'm going to share a Beatles related memory. The first ever rock song that I remember from my childhood is "Hey Jude". I'm from another generation but I loved the Beatles music too !

    See you soon.

  40. Hi Barbara, Good to hear from you.
    Hey Jude is almost a National Anthem in Liverpool.
    The Beatles seemed to have captured the hearts across many generations. They really were 'fab'.
    They made my teenage years unforgetable, we had so much fun going to the many clubs around the City and listening to all the talented groups.

    Hope you've recovered from your long journey and wonderful holiday. I will be over to your site later to have another peek!


  41. What wonderful memories, and lucky you. I wonder how many of today's bands will be immortalised in the same way.

  42. Hi Ellee,
    Lovely to hear from you and thanks for your comments.
    It is amazing how one takes things for granted.
    I, and like many other youngsters, were so lucky to be in Liverpool right in the midst of the 'pop scene', in The Swinging Sixties.
    I cannot imagine any other Group being immortalised as the Beatles are.


  43. Ah Memory lane. I once visited that mystical place of the Holies.

  44. Thanks for your comments on my Liverpool post. Its a great and friendly city. I thought I'd take up your invite to look at your 60s memories. Great times, a lot of the groups on your list used to tour up here, though not as good as going to see them at the Cavern. What interesting stories, and having Roger MGough as an english teacher, how good is that. I look forward to your post about him. I also remember the music booths in record shops, we used to bop away listening to the latest 45s thinking we were so cool.

  45. Hi Tarfers good to hear from you and thanks for your comments.x


  46. Hello Joy.
    Welcome to the world of Trubes.
    Thank you for your kind words.
    I have so much more to write about my earlier years in Liverpool but don't want to 'do it too death'!


  47. Oh BTW Tarfers,
    I have met The Hollies to.
    Alan Clark, the lead singer once sat on my knee at a club in Liverpool,
    but, that's another story!



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