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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Whiter than White in the Lions den'

I have just been doing the rounds of my favourite blog sites and the current themes are primarily about the integrity of The Honourable Members of the British Parliament.
Lakelander has a good analogy about a certain suspended Honourable Member, by the name of Conway, which you can read about on his Blog Site.
Without sounding like a "Grump";
Am I alone in becoming more and more enraged by the mendacious behaviour of some M.P.s? The behaviour of Mr Conway regarding the supposed employment, and subsequent payment, of friends and family, through the generous Parliamentary Allowances System is a total sham.
Do these people pay N.I.Contributions and Income Tax ? If so, a record of such should be available for scrutiny, also the amounts paid to these people, hours worked, and work done. We the tax payers are their "Employers" not the `Honourable Members. It is our money, they are so generously giving to their friends and family, not theirs ! This is not a "Slush Fund". This is Taxpayers Money, intended to be used for our benefit.

There, Now the rant is over I am compiling a list of M.P`s I would like to throw into the Lions Den and the reasons why.
Feel free to add to the list.
1. Anthony (freebee} Blair and his money grubbing wife.
2. John Prescott and his "Property" developing sons.
3. Alan Milburn. He resigned from a Ministerial role to "spend more time with his family".....Why ? NuLab don`t do resign...was this something to do with a Directorship of a Company, some how linked to a Government Department ?
4. Tessa Jowell......inexplicably separated from her husband over an alleged "cash payment" from that nice Mr Berlusconi. (Tony and Chezzas friend)
5.Peter Mandelson The European Commissioner, and a special loan arrangement from the then, Paymaster General. Geofrey Robinson.

The list is endless regarding the dodgy behaviour of many, in this so-called "Whiter than White Government. Who would you like to throw to the Lions and why ?


  1. FIRST!!!! Yaaay!

    I would like to add Geoff Hoon to the list, in his former role. And whoever issued the word to bump off Mr Kelly...

  2. Merms: You inspire me, so I am delighted that you are First !!!!!
    Remember folks, this is not just an ordinary mermaid, this is our own, very special, Mermaid !!!!!
    Geoff Who ?
    I think, Alistair Campbell, who had so much power at that time, issued the orders to "bump of Dr. Kelly. Of course Hoon would be up to his neck in it too !

  3. Excellent post Trubes!

    The real long-term damage that all of these charlatans do is to the democratic process which we:

    still / want to / used to

    (delete as applicable)

    believe in.

    It's a pity that Derek Conway was a Conservative MP. I suspect that his sins are pretty widespread in the House and there will be a lot of MPs - from all parties - rushing around to cover their tracks this weekend.

    I can't help thinking that we somehow deserve better.

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  5. Trubes, from what I've seen, the entire system is undemocratic and duplicitous. Parliament seems filled to the brim with lying, thieving and traitorous scum - to the point that I am blinded as to any positive outlook. The continuous outings of these corrupt MP's puts me in mind of cockroaches.. kill one, there are 100's more hiding in the cracks.

    Sorry to be so dismal.. maybe I spend too much time on Guido;-)

  6. I'd throw the Balls. Both of them.

    Their expenses are a disgrace to taxpayers without these extraordinary 'perks'.

    I surprise myself sometimes at how it takes about three seconds of listening/watching them for me to revert to apolexy at politician's cripplingly inane excuses for cheating the electorate.

    BTW, there were about 300 odd, new immigrants joined the UK yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that...

    All their kids will be 'taught' by Balls!

  7. Laders, I agree.

    Too much Guido and TPA is too sobering these days.

  8. Speaker Martin, Prescott and Blunkett.

    Funny how many of their names begin with "B". Brown, Browne, Blair, Beckett, Balls (x2), Blunkett. They all deserve to join the Coliseum circus.

    Might I also suggest (at the risk of being labelled a Grump!!) that you widen your field to include the Noble Lords (eg Hoyle etc) and the likes of Livingstone and gang.

    Hope your back is standing up ok.

  9. We could do with fewer politicians and officials full-stop ... especially at local levels. The cost to the taxpayer of councils and Parliament is becoming outrageous.

    Politics has become a major source of employment and personal enrichment and yet the people have never had such little democracy. Majority opinion is routinely ignored by both sides of the house.

    I wouldn't mind one jot if fiddled expenses resulted in attracting politicians who'd ensure that our children were being taught the basics in manners, literacy and numeracy ... ensured that our streets were safe ... immigration controlled ... We get NONE of this.

    But what it DOES achieve instead is an army of career politicians whose own sense of self preservation neutralises them from doing anything that rocks the boat or which might disturb the status quo within the Parliamentary machinery. It's not a good career move to represent the populist view.

    "I'm on to a good thing here. I better NOT say what I really think about stop and search of blacks or loudspeakers afixed to mosques, or PUNISHING criminals or controlling borders ... I'd better stay within the politically correct constraints set by Parliamentary officiandos and the BBC."

    This is why neither Richard Littlejohn nor Peter Hitchins could ever be politicians in their own image despite the fact that they both speak for millions.

    And this is how our politicians have been bought (quite literally)and our democracy salami-sliced away by unelected interests and why Britain is becoming such a miserable place to live.

    Visit some of the Australian blogs for their recent displays of patriotism and outright happiness about where they live and it is striking(it was Australia day there this week.) Contrast their mood with our own and I don't believe that this is just about the weather "I lOVE my country !".

    I have to say that I despair about this contrast - I like the Aussies but their bloggers' writing and cleverness just isn't in the same league as our own Newmania, Hatfield Girl, Guido, Raedwald, Edland ... not even anywhere near I'm afraid. Perhaps they have better things to do out there.

    Fun though some of them are they are mainly shallow, one-track, two dimensional and pointlessly vulgar. (Whenever I'm vulgar I hope it has some comedic merit - I like to think that I don't do it for the sake of it.)

    Where oh WHERE have we Brits gone wrong and what have we done to deserve this ???

    I suppose the same could be asked of the failed Soviet Union. There are some very clever and cultured people from those parts. The fact is that you can be TOO clever for your own good and over-think simple issues.

    Over-thinking has been the people's failure. There should only ever be two questions:

    - Is this good for me ?

    - Is this good for my country ?

    If the answer to either is 'no' and you are stupid enough to vote for it then you
    are likely to lose your freedom some day.

    I couldn't give a monkey's if Conway stole the Crown Jewells (the Queen no longer deserves them as far as I'm concerned). His main sin is being a crap politician - like almost every one of them.

  10. Perhaps it would save a lot of typing to list those who should stay!

    Frank Field, Kate Hoey, Vince Cable and Willaim Hague sprimg to mind.

  11. trubes...please can we add hillary clinton...i know she is an american (unfortunately) but if we could just rid the world of her horror i think we might be able to find an actual president and leave all of her bs behind...i just can't believe anyone here falls for her crap...when i graduated from the University of Illinois on Dean's list, no less...i didn't even attend my graduation because she was the speaker...even then i knew what a fraud and phony she was...i wish people would wake up!!! before we are put in a situation we may all be stuck in...

  12. Trubes, if I may?
    Dais... I'll wager she'll be the next President. I gave up all hope when Thompson and Giulaini dropped out.

  13. All the members of the Bloc Party here in Canada. We have about 50+ persons in our Parliment who are only interested in having Quebec Separate from the rest of Canada.

    They have no interest in what is going on elsewhere in the country.

    Yet we are paying their salaries,pensions etc. In any other country they would be all arrested for Treason.

  14. oh jane i really and truly hope not...i have this sickening feeling she will be the end for us...

  15. The real worry in all of this is that people are becoming less and less interested in politics. It's the kind of thing that can make for worrying times. The fact is that power does crazy things to people, makes some (and not just a few MPs) behave like they're in the 'untouchables. I guess the hope is that this will clear some of this nonsense away so we can forward again. We clearly do have to move forward because things are getting less and less comfortable with Labour having been in power so long Which happens to everyone when they get too comfortable.

  16. Tuscan Tony has a good point. Who should stay? I'd go with all four of them, but is that it?


    Charles Moore in the DTel this morning was on the button. Pity he never fancied becoming an MP and leader (but who can blame him?)

    The sainted Margaret condidered him the cleverest Conservative of his generation and I think she might have been right. Tant pis.

  18. It's not all bad news on the political front.

    I've just put up an article entitled
    Refreshing honesty from two of our MPs on my blog.

    It will restore your faith in democracy.


  19. Trubes they need shaming, however it can be done. The MSM won't play ball and we depend on Guido. They must be held to account. I wonder how much the year long review into "whether benefits should be paid to more than one wife in polygamous marriages" cost. The mind boggles. Next years review will be "should benefit be paid to extended family and tribes?"

  20. Wow, What a response to my first Political post. I`m delighted with everybody`s opinions, much to the point, that, I shall do a follow on post, incorporating some of your views. Some fantastic stuff !
    I am truly honoured.
    A big welcome to the Author Richard Havers.
    My sincere thanks to my all blogging friends, as listed below:

    Lady Jane.
    Grumpy Granny.
    Electro Kevin.
    Tuscan Tony.
    Old Tarf.

    Will be back ASAP. (got a Hospital appointment, re the godam back).


  21. Ok so I've had de bug but lets face it I've also been suffering from that nationwide malady of politics being beyond belief and beyond comment. You just get to that 'whetever' point and go and do something less annoying instead than look at these chancers line their own pockets.

    So who's first up against the wall come the revolution? Cripes there's a list..... Bliars got to be a contender for the Iraq war, Broon is just useless, fat slag two-jags is up there, but no, I'd choose the black hags of East London - Labour MP Diane Abbott, who joined fellow MP Dawn Butler and Doreen Lawrence in savaging Boris Johnson simply because he was an English educated white man.

  22. PS: careful of the morphine Trubes, it's lovely stuff (and I've got the 'Pink' song running in my head now) Hope you're feeling better x

  23. Your "whiter than white" post has inspired me to put up another post on this subject Trubes...

    Hope the back's feeling better soon.

  24. Hi Phillip: Thanks for you comments and glad to see you`re recovering from the 'Lurgy'.
    The attacks on Boris Johnson because he's a 'white gentleman' just indicate the snivelling, "Wealth and Privilege" envying, Nulab and LibDem trolls.
    What is wrong with with an educated chap such as Boris, being Mayor ?
    Isn`t being well educated some thing we all aspire too? As I write, I am making arrangements to carry on with my studies, thus reaching my goal in attaining a BA Combined Honours Degree. As, is widely known, 'Ol Trubes ain't no Spring chicken!
    I wish we had some of Boris`s "Brain Power", in Liverpool, to sort out the shambles of the LibDem`s tenure of the City Council !
    The shower representing Nulab are, in the main, a shower of illiterates.
    Colour, sex, creed, upbringing etc, should not come into the equation. Ability to do the job should win "hands down" at all times.
    Bring on Boris say I! Mayor of London has such a nice ring to it, Don`t you think ?

    Look Phillipa, you`ve got me up on my soap box again.


  25. Sorry I'm so late here, dear Trubes, but I agree with everything you say! Love from Sicily xx

  26. Hi Trubes - you have gone very quiet of late. Hope you are feeling ok?

    PS: Has the Lord of the Lake been carted off to the Tower as a result of his last effort?

  27. Grumpy Granny:
    I believe 'The Lord of the Lake'.... Lakelander, has hit hard times and has had to take on an extra a job, as a Ferryman on the Windermere Steamer.
    He also serves up Special, Home Made, 'Lakeland Beefburgers' in the 'Caf' on the edge of the lake, and at, £6.50. a throw, he will soon be in clover again !
    Sadly, though, it will be some time before he will be able to Wine and Dine his dear Wife, the lovely,'Real Doctor Hemlock' at the Lènclume Restaurant, in Cartmel Village. He will be missed,
    as he is, from his Lakelander Blog Site. You see GG, fame has it`s price !
    I have been quiet of late, as you say, on my own site, but have been leaving comments all over the Blogosphere. Some welcome and some, I suspect, not !
    I am still struggling with this wretched back problem and have now developed a rash, a reaction to all the vile drugs I have been
    taking. I now have to see a Consultant Dermatolgist, to sort it out before I can have the Steroid Injections.
    Therefore I am lacking in inspiration at present.
    However, next week is my Birthday, so, DT is spiriting me away to a delightful Country Inn, in The Trough of Bowland, for a few days.
    So, hopefully, plenty of good food and wine,log fires and huge comfy beds, together with a few bracing walks, will put me back on track, and ready for some more perforations !

    Hope you are well GG and GGD too !

  28. Trubes=- thought I'd just pop in and say Hello.

    Hope you have a great B'day. It is not easy when one is in a lot of pain and discomfort. those who are not suffering in this way do not always understand fully.

    Loved ones can think some times, that it is in our mind and that we are not in that much pain. As I walk in these shoes everyday should you wish to talk anytime. Pop over and chat, what ever is on your mind at any time as I am up though out the nights a lot and on line.

    I find Chi Gong works very well, a mild form of Tai Chi
    As it is repetitive really helps to refocus your inner self.

    Take care,


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  30. Trubes: Many thanks for that comprehensive reply. Shame about L but one lives in hope that when the summer comes and lots of touristy types are buying the burgers he will find the time to return to keep us on our toes. I have not been to the Lakes for about 20 years now, but I do have some good friends who live in the south of England who go every single year without fail - and have done so since the 1960s! - and spend their days hiking and rambling hither and yon. Despite offers of overseas travel, they remain firmly wedded to the Lake District.

    Hope you enjoy your break and that the weather stays fine for you both.

    And finally, yes thanks we both continue to muddle along..

    Got to go now. Niece's 50th birthday party today and I have things to do.

  31. GG(sometimes). Thank you for your reply. As you have so cleverly perceived, I am a woman of many words so here are a few more.
    We live about 1hr 20mins drive from the Lakes so we often visit for Day Trips.
    I love visiting in the Winter and Spring, when it`s not too crowded. One of our favourite spots is Tarn Hows, where there are wonderful, easy walking paths all around the Tarn, with spectacular Mountain scenery. You can, also quite easily, walk to Coniston Water from there.
    I`ve been going to The Lakes since childhood and have spent many family holidays around the Keswick area.
    Recently we went to Cartmel Village to dine at Lènclume Restaurant, staying overnight. The food is wonderful, very modern, fusion type cuisine. The Chef Simon Rogan, has a Michellin Star.
    Cartmel is a lovely place, I believe, the home of Sticky Toffee pudding.
    Do you know GG, I could have written another story on my site about our trips around GB! In fact, I shall. There you`ve given inspiration ! Thankyou.
    I too miss Lakelander, but I reckon he`ll be back soon ! He likes Blogging too much to stay away.
    Have a good weekend and enjoy the sunshine.


  32. No Apost.requ`d :
    Welcome back my dear friend. You are quite correct, an apostrophe is not required in the adage, 'fame has its price'. Yet again, I stand corrected !
    Considering I gained an A level in English Language and Literature. Mind you this was in the days, before the 'dumbing down' of the British Educational System, I really should know better.
    Perhaps detention and 100 lines would be in order ? Tee hee !

    Have you read Lynne Truss`s book, 'Eats Shoots and Leaves'?
    Or is it 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves' ? Crikey, now I am confused.

    Whilst I`m writing, it has just been announced on Sky News, 'Language Students will not required to take Orals, as it is too stressful, they will, however be assessed on their Course Work. More NuLab 'Dumming Down'. I can`t see the point of learning any language if one is not assessed and where necessary, corrected.

    Gosh, another rant from 'Ol Trubes.

    Gracious, Time flies. I must away and prepare Sunday Lunch for one very hungry Golfing Husband.

    Ciao Ciao.


  33. P.S. to No Apostrophe Required:
    Oops another spellin mistake, should be 'dumbing down' not dumming down, I blame the medication you know !
    Thank you for the Birthday wishes.

    Di. xxx.

    P.P.S. Will be writing another little yarn on my Blog when I return from my Birthday treat. D.x

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  36. Trubes is it your birthday?
    Hope you had a great day.
    Big hugs and cork poppining from Pip x

  37. Hi Trubes, thanks for popping by my place but I've some thoughts there I'd like you to see, can you by any chance pop by the same thread? hen you have a mo, ta x


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