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Sunday, 30 December 2007

New Year Resolutions 2008

1. Enrol on a course to increase my PC skills (at present zilch).
2. Learn Latin.
3. Adopt a healthier lifestyle, i.e. More exercise, less good food and wine, take
up swimming again.
4. Go to Church.
5. Start Christmas Shopping early November.
6. Trace Ancestoral Roots.
7. Take a short "Girls Only Holiday" with 3 Darling Daughters, leaving the "Boys" at
home to mind the Kids and Pets.
8. Spruce Up house with view to selling, downsizing and moving into the countryside.
9. Spend less time cooking and dine out more including Darling Trubes and I having
one day out per week complete with picnic lunch and "Sat Nav." honed into our
chosen destination.
10.Try to be more tolerant with people who irritate me and more forgiving of my
supposed transgressors, (including my Brother who, has not spoken to me nor my
family for 9 years)...... Now that`s a really difficult Resolution !

Well Dear Friends, What are your New Year Resolutions ?
All good wishes to you all for a Wonderful, Peaceful, Healthy and Prosperous New
From your "Friend in Blogging", Trubes.xx

Di.xx (formerly known as True Blue).


  1. Annus MMVIII Felicitas, veritas cerule.

    Da mihi osculum!

  2. Resolutions?

    * clean the house
    * walk to school instead of driving
    * walk more generally
    * take more photos while walking more
    * get a caravan mover fitted so I can spend all summer swanning around having a good time
    * get my assignment in on time on 4th jan..

    ..which brings me to: you studying french politics Trubes? I've just started studying the french revolution (children bought me 'The Social Contract' for xmas ..and a dish) - fascinating stuff.

    Anyway, wishing you a very happy new year and er.. latin needed here? Um.. quod bonum, felix faustumque sit!

  3. Di...wonderful resolutions...i think the pc skills will just come with time and you are doing wonderful currently (much better than most i know); learning latin is easy - as most words come from latin basis i found by being an "older student" it was a breeze as i had heard and/or used most of the words the basis come from and actually knew their meaning (something good does come from age :) - dont forget to have one or two really good food and wine meals...just enough to keep the taste you get the pc skills tracing your ancestoral roots will be a breeze!

    as for me...i have decided a few things to help me move forward in my life and i have decided to take that should take the whole year to achieve but i believe in the long run it will be worth it...a lot of mine is a spiritual trip i have been needing to make but there are some physical movements as well...i have a feeling a change is coming over me and I LIKE IT!
    good luck and i will enjoy reading your changes and posting mine for you as most take care of yourself...and be true to yourself...everything else will fall into place in the middle...

    i do like your new site!!!

  4. AI YAH
    All forgotten by Jan 5th (+:

  5. Tusc, Philipa,Daisy and, last but not least, Hitch. Thank you so much for your wonderful words, some of them I can understand and some of them I can`t. Must get going on the Latin stuff asap. xxxx

  6. Je vous souhaite une tres bonne annee 2008, et, a part la manque d' accents, je crois que tout est correcte!

  7. Trubes!

    May I be the third or fifty-eighth person to be honoured for your name-change! It took several hours for me to realise why I was using the shortened version ('Tbs' just didn't work did it)! It was from 'Friends' and 'Phoebes'!

    So there you have it!

    This is so important, I'll copy this and paste it on your new persona! And you and DTs must have a great New Year as well!

  8. hello there trubes! Di, thanks for your lovely comments! I hope you get to keep all your new year resolutions. I might put mine up in a couple of days. I've had the flu very badly - still suffering - so hence the radio silence. but happy new year and good blogging in 2008!

  9. Hi, trubes. Well, your PC skills can't be zilch or you couldn't have started this nice blog! Buon anno 2008 to you. Auguri from Sicily x

  10. Trubes- Great to see you writing again. Was happy to see some comment from the Hitch. As I wanted to wish him a happy New Year.

    My New Years Resolutions- is to get back on track with Weight Watchers now that the Christmas Season is over with.

    Spend more time with Friends and Family.

    Get back to writing and playing music again.

    Try to not worry about others comments and let them slide. Life is far to short as it is.

    Happy New Years and all the Best for 2008.

  11. just wanted to stop in and say hi...hope the new year is going well for you :)

  12. Resolution ?

    To visit here more of course, Dahling ;-)

    Why don't you combine three of those things ?

    Church - Latin - excercise

    Become a Catholic and start up Salsa dancing - you get the Latin thrown in for free.

    Happy New Year.


  13. Hiya Trubes.. just wanted to welcome you to your new home.. it's pretty;-)

    I have not made any resolutions this year. Okay.. maybe one, to get away from the computer a bit more (it's so addictive)!
    Anyway, you have my best wishes for 2008, and good luck with those goals;-)

  14. The holiday sounds nice, with the Girls..:-)

    No resolutions for me either. Spent it clearing out the cupboard under the stairs though which felt much crap! Still have all the photos and videos to check for precious memories. 3 crates of each! So maybe more clutter clearing for 2008, and to buy in some emergency rations and some sort of gun for when it all goes off...

  15. Hello Di - have I found your main blog now?

    My NYR is to listen to my body and obey its wishes and commands. Lest you all think I'm in for a raunchy year, I am actually referring to MS that has decided to show just who is in charge around here...but I'm fighting back and listening...

    Hope you write more soon Di.

  16. Killemall,Scrobs,Merms,Welshcakes,
    Old Tarf,Daisy Electro,Lady Jane,Lilith and Shirl the Girl. Thank you all for your various comments and my sincere apologies fornot replying sooner, Even one in French from Killemall. very impressive. if anyone is interested in Italy and the writings of a lovely Welsh lady pop over to Sicily Scene and there you will meet Welshcakes Limoncelli, lots of food and culture etc. very interesting !

  17. This is a special welcome for Shirl the Girl, and yes, this now my proper site as I felt True Blue sounded too political. Although am a middle of the road Conservative and am actively involved locally with the Conservative Party I`ll leave "that stuff" for the Professionals !
    Hope you`re keeping well Shirl and not working too hard !
    Di. xx


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