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Christian tradition starting from the 8th Century states that Saint Luke was the first icon painter. He was a disciple of St Paul and accompanied him on his travels. Saint Lukelived  in a cave for a while during a period of asceticism. Originally he was a physician and was widely educated, particularly in research work and Greek studies.It  was believed that Saint Luke  met Mary  the mother of Jesus, and it is widely questioned whether  or not,  Mary helped  Luke  compile 'The Gospel of Saint Luke ?   Described as the  most beautiful book in the world.He was considered to be the first Christian Historian and  the only Gentile writer of The New Testament. It was Luke who chronicled the Christian rendition of Christmas .  St Luke was the only evangelist to provide certain information about the conception, infancy and childhood of Jesus. These events were described in the Bible by St Luke alone, including The Annunciation, (the announcement by The Archangel Gabriel that Mary had been…

ABC Wednesday: K stands for The Kykkos Monastery Cyprus.

ABC Wednesday: K stands for The Kykkos Monastery Cyprus.: Paphos Beach. During one of our many holidays on the sunny Island of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean we visited The Kykkos Monastery up...

J stands for Jungle.

When I was a child one of my favourite bedtime reads was The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. It was a collection of stories about a little boy called Mowgli, who was abandoned in the Indian Jungle,  only to be raised as a feral child, in  by a mother wolf who had just had cubs. Mowgli has a black panther friend called Bagheera,  who looks after him. Bagheera and the wolf tribe learn that Shere Khan, a man eating Bengal Tiger, has returned to the Jungle. It was decided that Mowgli should be taken back to the 'Man Village', for his own safety.
I've used illustrations from the wonderful animated version of Jungle Book by the Disney studios. The original sketches from the first publications of the book are very poor and who can forget the enchanting movie.  Many thanks to the ever JOYFUL Denise for devising ABCW and JUSTRoger for  all his hard work in the administration of  this site........ Di.

I stands for Islands

We live in England, part of The British IslesAs  nature decrees, there are several smaller islands in the surrounding waters.  Over the years we have had  some lovely holidays on several of them.  Amongst our favourites is The Isle of Anglesey,  It is situated off  the coast of North Wales and is less than a two hour drive from our home. Access to the island is by way of two bridges, The Menai  Suspension Bridge, built and designed by Thomas Telford and opened in 1826,

The Britannia Bridge was built by Robert Stevenson. It was originally a tubular steel bridge of wrought iron, It was used for carrying rail traffic, but following a fire in1970, it was rebuilt as a two tier, steel truss arch bridge, carrying both rail and road traffic. The stretch of water between the mainland and the Island is known as The Menai Straits, It is a most treacherous waterway, because of differing tides at the two ends, and many have lost their lives trying to traverse it.Each time we visit the Island we s…